Jacson King

The Plainview Pirate boys’ basketball team perked up in the third quarter of a contest against the Osmond-Randolph Hawks in Elkhorn Valley on Monday night in the team’s first C2-7 Sub-District playoff game.

The Pirates played on Monday in a “bunny bracket” against O-R’s Hawks, winning over the neighbor rivals 47-39 and moving into the regular bracket for a game that was scheduled for

Tuesday, Feb. 21 against Elkhorn Valley (20-2), and the bracket’s number one seed.
West Holt’s Huskies (12-9) and the Summerland Bobcats (18-4) made up the other half of this year’s draws for the bracket.

The Sub-District finale game will be held in Elkhorn Valley on Thursday, Feb. 23.
Against the Hawks, the Pirates led 8-4 in the first quarter, but then gave up the second 13-9, to trail headed into the locker room for the halftime break, 21-13. The quarter flipped exactly in the third, gaining the Pirates four unanswered points to bring the game to a 30-26 lead headed into the final quarter of play. The Pirates added another four in the last quarter, 17-13, and took the 47-39 win over the Hawks.

The Pirate boys’ team traveled to Lindsay last Friday, Feb. 17 for a game against the Flyers, marking another close 55-50 loss to the home team.

The Pirates started out near even with an 8-6 first quarter in favor of the Flyers, and by the half the Pirates were trailing by five, which would be the spread for the remainder of the game. The third quarter went to the Flyers 20-13, but the Pirates made up ground in the fourth, 18-11, to come within that same five at the half, but take the loss

The Pirates were led by another strong performance from Jacson King with 17 points for his team off three three-point goals and three field goals along with another five free throws.

Spencer Hille had 15 points to add to the Pirate totals, and Brendan Weber had eight, Karter Lingenfelter ha seven, and Leighton Medina marked three.

Hille was credited with 10 rebounds for the Pirate defense. Lingenfelter had six, Weber marked four; King, Medina and Maertins all pulled down two, and Corben Kment was credited with one.

Vs. Creighton
Friday, Feb. 10 the Creighton Bulldogs came to Plainview for a game that doubled with Parent’s Night for the Pirates, beating the home team 70-60 in a close battle to the end.

The teams were near even in the first quarter, 14-13, to the Bulldog favor, but the second quarter opened up a lead for the Pirates to chase, 38-25 at the halftime break. The third quarter went 13-10 to the Bulldogs, widening the gap by a few points, and then the teams had a 25-19 fourth quarter to close the spread at 10 points, Pirates notching the loss.

Though the score didn’t show it, the Pirates had a great game for a number of players – Spencer Hille put up 27 points to lead the team, bolstered by Jacson King with a most-recent best of 22 points. Hille had five free-throws, and went 11/14 from two-point range. King posted five three-pointers for most of his points, and another three two-point buckets with one free throw rounding off his score. Karter Lingenfelter had seven points and Brendan Weber had four points to mark the rest of the team’s points.

Hille pulled down 13 rebounds to lead the team’s defense as well. Karter Lingenfelter had eight rebounds credited to his card, Brendan Weber marked four, Kayson Maertins pulled down three, Jacson King had two and Rece Frahm had one.

Vs. O’Neill
Back into regular play after the Lewis and Clark Conference tournament, the Pirates played against O’Neill’s Eagles on February 7, ending with an 86-56 loss to the home team.

O’Neill came out strong in the first half, 43-24, and the Pirates continued consistent scoring through the third and fourth quarters with 16 each, but couldn’t overcome the Eagles’ lead, falling 86-56.

Spencer Hille had 15 points to lead the team’s scoring off one free throw and seven field goals. Karter Lingenfelter sank three three-point goals to help push a 12 point gain. Leighton Medina had nine points, Kayson Maertins had seven, Jacson King marked five, Brendan Weber had four and Harrison Thor and Corben Kment had two each.

Vs. H-NC
The Pirates drew the Hartington-NewCastle Wildcats in the team’s third game of the Lewis & Clark Conference tournament, notching a win over the Wildcats in Allen on February 4.

The Pirates came out for a 12-7 start in the first quarter of the game, and held onto most of that lead, 32-26 at the halftime break. The third quarter fell in favor of the Pirates as well, 8-4, and the fourth went to the Wildcats, 16-11, but the Pirates had enough lead to keep the win, 51-46 at the final buzzer.

The Pirate scoring was led by Jacson King with 16 points from five three throws, one three-pointer and one two-point goal. Spencer Hille had 12 points, Brendan Weber marked 11, Karter Lingenfelter had six points, Leighton Medina netted four and Kayson Maertins had two.

Rebounds went to Hille with 13 for another double-double of the tournament. Lingenfelter pulled down six, Weber had three, Medina marked two and King and Maertins were both credited one.

Vs. Walthill
On February 2 the Pirates traveled to Walthill for a game against the BlueJays, after four, the BlueJays took the win 68-56 for the second game of the L&C Conference tournament.

The Walthill team took a 14-13 lead in the first quarter, but the Pirates bounced back at the half, 17-15, to lead the game by one headed into the halftime break, 30-29. The BlueJays piled on in the third and fourth with 24-17 and 15-9 to pull away from the Pirates and take the lead by the final buzzer.

The Pirates were led in scoring by Brendan Weber who netted a solid 19 points from a nine of 16 play from the field and one free throw. Spencer Hille marked 14, Jacson King had eight, Kayson Maertins netted six, Karter Lingenfelter had five, and Leighton Medina and Harrison Thor each had two.

Rebounds were counted to Lingenfelter with eight, Hille and Weber with six each, Thor and King with three each, Corben Kment and Kayson Maertins with two each and Rece Frahm with one.

The Plainview Pirate boys’ basketball team took a win over the Tri-County Northeast Wolfpack on Tuesday, Jan. 31, falling 45-35 on the local court in the first game of the Lewis & Clark Conference tournament.

The Pirates came out slow, 4-17, in the first quarter, and added another 13 in the second to trail going into the halftime break, 23-17. The Pirates took six unanswered points in the third, and another 10 in the fourth quarter to pull away from the Wolfpack lead, 45-35.

Jacson King had a 17 point game off three three-point goals, two free throws and three two-pointers to lead the team’s offense. Spencer Hille marked 10 points and 11 rebounds for a double-double. Brendan Weber posted seven points, Karter Lingenfelter had five, Harrison Thor marked four and Leighton Medina had two.

Other rebounds came down with Brendan Weber, 5; Karter Lingenfelter, 4; Jacson King with two and Kayson Maertins and Harrison Thor with one each.

Leighton Medina and Jacson King

Karter Lingenfelter