Kyler Mosel (bottom) wrestled against a 51-0 competitor, winning 7-6 and adding to his 53-0 record.

Kyler Mosel, a graduated senior at Plainview High School, and State Champion/medalist athlete, competed in the 2023 NSWCA Senior All-Star Dual wrestling event on June 10.

The Dual competition was held in Grand Island, and competitors from Lincoln, Blair, Elkhorn Valley, Madison, Beatrice, and across the state joined Mosel in the dual-style wrestling tournament.

2023 Gold Medalist, Kyler Mosel, was paired up against Nicholas Kuehn. Mosel won his dual 7-6, adding to his regular season record of 53-0. Kuehn was 51-0 heading into the NSWCA event.
Mosel’s “All-Star Blue” team defeated the “All-Star Red” team by a dual score of 42-23.