Scan the QR code above to take the survey.

With a week of collection, and around 20 responses so far, the City of Plainview and Pierce County Economic Development group are still seeking survey takers for a number of childcare questions for the community.

Economic Developer Susan Norris said that the 20 responses have been very helpful, but she would like to see more information coming from the young people and young parent groups - those that might be using the childcare system in the community.

Overwhelmingly the surveys are finding that the community members would like to see more
childcare options and availability, and including more responses from younger parents would be very helpful to shore up those answers already received.

The PCED or City of Plainview social media pages, hold a QR code can be scanned to open a Google Docs link for the survey.

Those that wish to fill out a survey can follow the link:\QehzpHjvt - typing that exact address in will also bring up the survey.

Scan the QR code above to take the survey.