Pleasant Ridge Cemetery to mark 135th milestone

The Pleasant Ridge Cemetery pictures nearby this story include a “before” picture from 2001 when Elden Marsh created and installed the sign – and the larger trees that lined the cemetery before a storm. Also nearby is a newer picture of the same sign, 22 years later, with no large trees from the previous picture. The third picture is the cemetery’s new sign, and new trees along the back line of the cemetery.

Organizers and caretakers of Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, southwest of Plainview, will be holding a special graveside service and an open house dedication on July 15 for the cemetery’s 135th anniversary (1888-2023), and all the new work that has been done at the cemetery.
The event will be held at 1:30 p.m. for the graveside service for Lyle Mullins, and after that service the dedication/open house will begin for the new look of the cemetery and recognition for all those that have donated of their time and resources.

The Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Association was formed in the early 1880s, and the land was officially purchased on July 15, 1888.

Today, there is no formal association left, just the caretakers, which has primarily been the Mullins family for many years.