The thief was caught on camera around 2 a.m. at the school following the damage last Monday evening.

Plainview Police Chief Kristy Hallock reported at the Plainview City Council meeting last week that while the school was open last Monday night/Tuesday morning for all the water damage - a thief took the opportunity to go “looting” while doors were unlocked.

The thief, pictured above, was recorded walking the halls of the school around 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning last week, and pictured exiting the north doors of the elementary with a reported 6 iPads in hand that have gone missing from the elementary’s inventory list.

Apparently, access to the school was not locked down following the roof incident during the localized weather last week, allowing entry after the maintenance and regular staff had left the building.

Anyone with any identification of the above pictured intruder should contact the Plainview Police Department.

Paragraph clarified ~Editor’s Note...
With a number of phone calls coming to the Editor last week, clarification about one paragraph in the story about the storm and the elementary building should receive some explanation. Mid-story, the paragraph that read, “so Superintendent Dr. Darron Arlt and a few Board members were on hand to make some rapid fire decisions about barricading the street and controlling onlookers until police and fire units could arrive within minutes after the destruction” - was apparently interpreted a few different ways.

Some callers asked why it implied that police and fire were notified and responded immediately, and some callers indicated that they believed it meant that the school personnel had not done enough to control the situation.

The way it was meant to be written was that school personnel had put out barricades, made decisions about onlookers and granted access to the building before emergency personnel
were alerted to the situation around 30 minutes after the event had happened.

Reportedly, no dispatch or emergency calls were made about the situation, and Chief Hallock was told about the roof and destroyed cars while she was directing traffic on Highway 20 around the downed trees. 

Hallock said that it was estimated that the damages at the school happened around 5:30 p.m., and that she was notified by a member of the public to the event around 6:10 p.m. - proceeding to the school to take charge as emergency personnel, around 6:14. Hallock said she alerted fire chief Josh Kounovsky to the event around 6:20 p.m., as she had previously sent the fire department east of town to slow traffic for the Highway 20 tree blockage.