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Alumni, family and friends will gather at the Plainview Country Club this Saturday, Aug. 5 for the 2023 Forever Pirates alumni golf tournament fundraiser.

The event has been hosted since 2018, and raises funds for the Plainview Schools Foundation.
Dr. Darron Arlt, organizer of the event, said that this is the largest number of alumni he has had registered to play in the tournament’s history.

112 Golfers have registered for the event, with 56 alumni in the mix. The Class of 2004 has the most representation this year with eight registered.

The event will begin, as previous years with a 9 a.m. memorial service on the First Tee for those Pirates that have passed away since the previous tournament.

Those to be honored this year at the memorial include:
Marcus Hanneman--Class of 1975--Died Aug. 4, 2022
Lou Hetrick Raft - Class of 1947 - Died July 11, 2022
Ruth Rasmussen Buche--Class of 1952--Died Sept 6, 2022
Marjorie Hannahs Stokes--Class of 1933--Died September 8, 2022
Dorothy Rehfeld Kudera--Class of 1941--Died Oct 2022
Don Glow--Class of 1951--Died Oct. 11, 2022
Darlene Stork Bonge--Class of 1951--Died November 10, 2022
Norma Larson Pittack--Class of 1937--Died November 9, 2022
Frank Kienow--Class of 1957--Died November 9, 2022
Lois Jean Epke Mauer--Class of 1950--Died November 10, 2022
Arnold Crawford--Class of 1975--Died November 27, 2022
Curtis Belyz--Class of 1967--Died ????
Susan Weber Beltz--Class of 1976--Died Nov. 28, 2022
Lois Friedrich Huebner--Class of 1938--Died Nov. 1, 2022
Carol Mathias--Class of 1970--Died Nov. 29, 2022
Marcus Wood--Class of 1973--Died December 1, 2022
Ronald Scranton--Class of 1952--Died Dec. 5, 2022
Leonard Wostrel--Class of 1955--Died Dec. 23, 2022
Donna Mae White Alexander--Class of 1950--Died Dec. 29, 2022
Paul Hoyer--Class of 1972--Died 12/29/22
Mary Wood McCrady--Class of 1963--Died 1/28/23
Ellen Anna Schnoor Adams--Class of 1944--Died 1/10/23
Ruth Hoffart Griffith--Class of 1947--Died 1/6/23
Vicki (Bessmer) McManaman -- Class of 1974--Died 1/24/23
LaVerne McKown--Class of 1961--Died 2/8/23
Kathleen Foster Palmer--Class of 1943--Died 2/11/23
Nancy Johnson-Bardura--Class of 1969--Died 2/17/23
Mardelle Albin Miller--Class of 1946--Died 3/20/23
Lyle Mullins--Class of 1955--Died 3/12/23
Norma Luckert Wiegert--Class of 1961--Died 11/22
Bill Huwaldt--Class of 1953--Died 6/14/23
Jerry Newman--Class of 1966--Died 4/16/23
Andrew Lingenfelter--Class of 2004--Died 7/19/23
Ann Lerum-Weber--Class of 1959--Died 7/24/23
Ray Doerr--Died 8/27/2002