Pierce County takes 10.75% increase, most between 6-9%

The Pierce County Assessor’s office released the 2023 certified valuations for tax and budget purposes this past Tuesday, Aug. 15, showing between a 5 and 15% increase across the board for the various valuation categories.

Calculations by the News showed a near 11% increase in the valuation of Pierce County as a whole – from $2.018 billion to $2.261 billion. That added valuation increased the ESU #8, Ag Society and Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District by the same 10.75% increase.

Plainview Public Schools gathered another 9.64% increase from Pierce County, added $22 million to the Antelope County totals, and a 6.35% increase from Knox County for a total valuation increase of $746 million last year to $820 million this year.

The City of Plainview had another 6.32% increase, raising to $69.4 million total valuation, on the heels of last year’s much larger jump from $51 million in 2021 to $65 million in 2022.
The Rural Fire Board will see a near 10% increase in their taxable valuation as well.
Antelope County increased to $2.7 billion in total value, and Knox County was trailing Pierce by a hundred million or so, totaling in at $2.171 billion.

These values are set by reviewing the last three years of sales in the area, and matching those figures to like-properties, setting the value to which any taxing agency can use to determine their budget income for the next year.

With the valuations now set, taxing agencies can review their budgets and begin planning for their fiscal years and the 2023-24 tax request which will be coming up for county, city and area agencies in the next few weeks.