Michael Food Representative-Mitch Todd and some of our superstar readers from last spring-Shay Miller, Harper Stec & Jaden May

We would like to welcome everyone back to another year of adventures, academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and everything in between to help kids' educational journey be successful.

We are very excited to get back in the routine of things and can say our first week of school went well. Our high school students are in the grove and ready to start competition this week. Our off campus students and staff are LOVING the extra fresh air, exercise and their new spaces. The students may come home a bit more tired than usual, but things are working out and our construction is moving right along.

Our new roof may be complete by the end of the week and work continues on the inside. Our playground structure is scheduled for delivery in the next couple weeks with installation
happening in October. We are anxiously waiting for that to be complete as well.

Next week we'll be kicking off our BOOK BLAST event. Last year our staff wanted to find ways to make our Family Reading Night even bigger and better for our students and families. One way of doing that was to help ALL students get more books in their hands to read. Our friends from Books are Fun reached out to us with a fundraiser they offer to provide books for all ages. This is very similar to our SchoolStore fundraiser we did last year, but book style.

Next week I will share all the details with the students and they will come home super excited about the prizes and books they can earn with support from family or friends. This is completely optional and no matter what every student is guaranteed a book, but the more donations a student collects, the more books they get and it can help other students earn books too. All the proceeds go back to the students in the form of books, which we will hand out on our Family Reading Night in October. 

Watch for specific details about this program starting Monday, August 28th.

Each child will be given a treasure map on Monday, information will be pushed out on the Sunday night phone call and daily posts on social media. Our Book Blast will run for two weeks. Your support is appreciated throughout this event.

Michael Foods has been very generous to us at school. They reached out to the elementary school last spring. They want to put more books in the hands of our young readers. We are so thankful for their $1500 donation and what a great start to our Book Blast. I challenge any other
businesses, families or community members who want to join in our efforts to please consider making a donation.

Each student will be given one book or even up to 10 books if enough funds can be collected. Our staff is very excited about what this program can offer our students and with a supportive community we are hopeful every student can get multiple books. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

A short letter with details is included with this article as well as a picture from our donation made last spring. Dear Plainview Elementary School Supporters, My name is Jen Hodson, and I am the Principal at PLAINVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. We are launching a Book Blast literacy initiative on 8/28/2023, and the goal of the event is to get as many new, age-appropriate books as possible into the hands of our students. 

The Book Blast will run from August 28th thru September 8th. Our children deserve the opportunity to have more books at home to develop strong literacy skills such as vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension, which can lead to more effective communication skills as they become adults. 

As someone who manages a business and works with people daily, I'm sure you understand just how important these skills are in the development of our students. The Book Blast provides an opportunity for you and others in our community to help build up the home library of each student at our school and to help our school receive new books and educational resources.

Every dollar you contribute will go toward books and educational supplies for our students and staff!

Know that whether you contribute $10 or $100, you are making an impact in the lives of our students. Here's how you can contribute to our Book Blast: Contribute online at https://bit.ly/459SOGs 

Or send a check made out to: Books Are Fun Book Blast PLAINVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Thank you in advance for your contribution. It means so much to our school and our community to have your support!