Among the businesses, schools and government agencies that are closing, postponing and cancelling events - the Plainview News wants to be conscientious of any efforts to self-quarantine or stay separated. To that end - the News will be provided on our website - for free - until the "quarantines" have ended and things return to normal life. We feel the need to keep our communities informed, beyond social media and a phone call, so please don't hesitate to continue to use your local newspaper to not only stay informed with vetted and trustworthy information, but to help us record this event for history. Send any and all of your cancellations, information for the general public and everyone in between to the newspaper at or by calling 402-582-4921. Rain, snow, COVID-19 or sunshine, we will continue printing with mailed delivery as long as we are allowed (no indication of that stopping in any case), and will continue to publish an E-Edition for the duration regardless.

To access this week's and subsequent weeks of the News, visit our website at and click the "Middle of Everywhere" Icon to view the edition. This option will be available starting with this week's edition, March 18-19.

Thanks, and stay safe! Brook & April Curtiss, Amy, Patsy, Sean, Valorie, Mike, Cindy, Kathy, Lorriaine, Roxanne, Eric, Natalie and Nancy