The Public Library is setting up a “Book Race” during these locked in the house days for the children out there who are book readers. This race is for all students sixth-grade and younger, and will run April 6 through May 6. Each reader will read or have read to them an age appropriate number of books. The students can only count the books read or read to them during that time period. However, they may read the required number of books for their age level more than once (not the same books) and receive a prize each time they complete the number. For example: a child age 7 or 8 may read 15 picture books, then read another 15 book, and another 15 books receiving a prize each time they complete the 15 books. There will be a big prize for the big readers. To receive a prize a student needs to turn in to the Public Library a slip of paper with their name on it, their parent’s name and phone number and the number of books read. For those reading chapter books, please list the chapter books you read. Below are the requirements for each level but remember you can do this more than once. Knock on the Library door during Library hours there will be someone there to take slips, give prizes and let readers in to get more books The Library phone number is 402-582-4507. 4 and under: 10 picture books 5 & 6 years old: 12 picture books 7 & 8 years old: 15 picture books or 2 chapter books 9 & 10 years old: 3 chapter books with 80 to 100 pages 11, 12, & 13 years old; 3 chapter books with 160 plus pages Happy Reading!!!