Forever Pirates Golf Tourney

The third-annual Forever Pirates golf tournament and “reunion” was held on August 1, with 62 alumni from graduating classes of Plainview Public Schools representing 30 classes from 1969 to 2019 at the tournament.

The classes with the greatest attendance (four from each) were 1970, 1982 and 2004.

Alumni were encouraged to make teams of their classes for the foursome golf tournament, but could have teams with just one alumni on the team if needed.

Though the tournament is held mostly for fun – that fun does include some results from the golf tournament portion of the event, and with that, there are winning teams named.

Taking first-place in the 1st Flight with a score of 56 were Jay Knaak, 1979; Bruce Knaak, 1984; Di Knaak and Gunner Knaak.

The first-place winners in the 2nd Flight, with a score of 69 were: Cory Miller, 2001; Kim Miller, Kurt Mehlin and Kelsey Blake.

The 3rd Flight winners were, with a score of 72, were Kevin Lingenfelter, 1997; Kelly Lingenfelter, 1997; Kristi Bernecker-Preisman, 93 and Dave Preisman.

In a special tribute, the Forever Pirates group honored those alumni that had passed in the last year, and also gave a special award to former Plainview teacher, and longtime coach, Larry Knaak for his 50 years of service as golf coach.