Mallets in Music: Instruments for All

The Plainview Elementary Music department hosted a fundraiser online at this week for a special event to raise funds for a project to purchase new instruments for student use, which was fully funded in the day it was available.

The project, titled “Mallets In Music: Instruments for All” and with 25 donors, raised enough to fully-fund the project, purchasing metallophones, xylophones and glockenspiels for the elementary youth.

From the fundraiser page, Knox said:

“I want to provide my students with more opportunity to be involved in the music making process in order to gain a deeper understanding of music and the music making process.

My students are always excited to come to music to sing, dance, play, and create. There is even more excitement in the room when our music can be transferred to the instruments and performed for others. Please help me continue to build passion, excitement, and appreciation among these students for all music is and has to offer.

After the addition of new curriculum to our music classroom, we are in need of additional mallet instruments for all students. These are pitched instruments that allow students to play along with the music they are singing, add harmony to a song, or even create effects for the music. Pitched instruments will allow students of all ages, kindergarteners through sixth graders, be active participants in making music.

When students have the ability to actively participate, applying a new concept, there is more reinforcement and understanding of the concept.

We currently have 8 instruments in our classroom which we use frequently. However, in a class of 20+ students, that does not give each student much time on an instrument. With only 30 minutes in music class students do not have the time to master the concept on the instrument.”