The Plainview FFA Chapter’s new 2022-2023 Officer team included, front row (l to r): Vice President Abbie Kromarek, President Marlena Curtiss and Historian Brooke Rafert; second row: Junior Advisor Reagan Choat, Treasurer Brett Norris, Secretary Roni Prewitt and Reporter Scott Hintz; and back row: Alumni Liason Sean Taylor, Sentinel Tanner Frahm and Parliamentarian Jay Jay Gaver.

On Thursday April 21st The Plainview FFA chapter had their annual end of the year banquet, and LDE, State, CDE, Proficiency and Chapter awards given to members, as well as election of new officers.

The Chapter hosted a potluck with a lot of really good food provided by all the parents, watched a slideshow of all the fun memories the group had as chapter and handed out awards.  

The eighth-graders got their Discovery Degree Natalie Gatz, Dianna Scott, and this year's star winner was too close to pick just one so, Dani Doerr and Makenzie Doerr both got Star Discovery plaques.  This degree is based on being active in FFA. 

The Freshman received their Greenhand degrees: Wyatt Doerr, Karter Lingenfelter, Baili Prewitt, and Corben Kment received a star, Greenhand Degree. 

The Greenhand is based on being active in FFA and learning about FFA and having an SAE is what members are doing outside of school and keeping records. 

The sophomores received their chapter degrees, Brendan Weber, Spencer Hillie, Roni Prewitt, Brooke Rafert, Grayson Peterson. 

The star winners were Abbie Kromareck who received a star in Ag Business, Kaiden Eichberger received star placement, and Reagan Choat received Star Farmer all at the chapter level. 

Seniors Trevor Doerr, Derek Rix, and Jozlyn Anderson received their State degree. This is the highest degree a Chapter member can get at the state level. 

This year Plainview’s FFA chapter also got a Superior rating on the National chapter award. 
In October Plainview FFA participated in dairy judging, and those awards were given out as well.

Scott Hintz placed 46th, Jozlyn Anderson received a red ribbon placing 18th, Marlena Curtiss 46th, Natalie Gatz placed 87th and as a senior team, we placed 12th with a red ribbon. 

As a junior team Reagan choat placed 12 with a blue ribbon, Roni Prewitt placed 28th with a red ribbon, Wyatt Doerr placed 33 with a red ribbon, and Corban Kment placed 62th as a team they placed 8th with a blue ribbon. 

As a junior high team Blake foster placed 3rd with a purple ribbon, Kenzie Doerr placed 6th with a red ribbon, Colt Kromareck placed 13th with a red ribbon, Jager Frahm placed 16th with a red ribbon, Braeden Kment placed 18th with a red ribbon, bastion Curtiss placed 19th with a red ribbon, Wyatt Schroth placed 33rd, and Dani Doerr placed 40th, as a team they placed runner-up.  

These people competed in district livestock judging at Northeast community college in January.

Chapter members grew individually and as a team. In the senior team Individually Marlena Curtiss placed 41st with a blue ribbon, Emma King placed 55th with a red ribbon, and Jozlyn placed 62th with a red as a team they received a blue ribbon. 

In the Junior team individually, Reagan placed 2nd with a purple ribbon, Corben placed 13th with a blue ribbon, and Spencer placed 47th with a red ribbon. As a team they received a blue ribbon. There were several hundred people competing in district livestock judging. 

Reagan Choat competed in district tractor driving, in this event drivers have to back up a four-wheel trailer with a tractor. 

This year the FFA members worked hard to sell fruit for fruit sales and all that work paid off as a chapter sold more than $26,610 dollars. 

The top ten fruit sellers from first to 10th were Jozlyn Anderson, Kaiden Eichberger , Corben and Braeden Kment, Trevor and Makenzie Doerr, Abbie Kromareck, Dani Doerr, Blake Foster Wyatt Schroth, Derek Rix, and Dominic White for LDES (Leadership development events) goes as listed below.

Senior Parliamentary procedure: Jozlyn Anderson, Brett Norris, Derek Rix, Jay Jay Gaver, Corbean Kment, and Reagan Choat received a red ribbon. 

Creed Speaking:  Karter Lingenfelter-purple ribbon 4th place second alternate to state, Corbean received a purple ribbon.

Natural Resource Speaking: Reagan Choat- purple Ribbon 4th place second alternate to state  
Co-op speaking: Roni Prewitt-Purple ribbon 4th place second alternate to state

 Job Interview: Marlena Curtiss- blue ribbon, Scott Hintz- red ribbon 

 Sr. Public Speaking: Abbie Kromareck- purple ribbon district runner up state qualifier state bronze 

Jr. Public Speaking: Graysen Petersen- red ribbon 

Extemp- Sean Taylor White ribbon

Ag Literacy- Dominic White- purple ribbon 3rd place first alternate to state, Jaeger Frahm-Blue ribbon, Dani Doerr-blue ribbon Guy Wortman- red ribbon

Discovery speaking- Bastion Curtiss- white ribbon, Josie Choat- received a red ribbon, Braeden Kment- Purple ribbon district runner up state qualifier state bronze

People in ag-Blake foster- purple ribbon state qualifier state silver, Kenzie Doerr purple ribbon state qualifier state silver, Wyatt Schroth- Purple ribbon state qualifier state silver.

CDES (Career Development Events ) goes as listed:

Floriculture :
As a team, Brooke Rafert, Emma King, Marlena Curtiss, and Derek Rix placed 8th with a blue Ribbon. Individually Marlena Curtiss was 7th with a purple ribbon, and Derek Rix received a red ribbon

As a team, Trevor Doerr, Logan Jacobsen, Morgan Guevera, and Scott Hintz received a red ribbon.
 Livestock Management
As a team, Jozlyn Anderson, Reagan Choat, Tanner Frahm, Corben Kment, and Wyatt Doerr received 11th place with a red ribbon 

Receiving the District Champion trophy was Reagan Choat, Jozlyn Anderson, Corben Kment Roni Prewitt, Abbie Kromareck, Tanner Frahm, and Brooke Rafert. 
Individually, Corben Kment placed second with a purple ribbon, Reagan Choat placed third with a purple ribbon, Roni Prewitt placed 16th with a blue ribbon, and Jozlyn Anderson placed 24th with a red ribbon. At state, the team of Jozlyn Anderson, Reagan Choat, Corben Kment, and Roni Prewitt participated. The team received a white individually Anderson received a white and Choat received a white.
Anderson, with this title, was part of Plainview’s four-time district champion team.
Vet Science:
As a team, Jozlyn Anderson, Emma King, Abbie Kromarek, and Marlena Curtiss received 3rd place with a Purple Ribbon and were state qualifiers. 
Individually Kromarek was placed third with a purple ribbon, Emma King received a blue ribbon, Jozlyn Anderson received a red ribbon and Marlena Curtiss received a red ribbon. At state the team placed 35th.

As a team, Corben Kment, Wyatt Doerr, And Karter Lingenfelter received 12th place with a red ribbon. Individually, Kment received a red ribbon and Schroth received a red ribbon  

Farm business management 
As a team Jay Jay GAver, Brett Norris, Derek Rix, and Kaiden Eichberger received a red Ribbon Individually Jay Jay Gaver placed 4th with a purple ribbon at districts, and at the state he received a purple ribbon. Brett Norris placed 5th with a blue ribbon at districts and at state received a blue ribbon and Derek Rix placed 7th with a Blue ribbon at districts and at state received a blue ribbon. 
At state, the team competed and placed 15th with a blue ribbon.

As a team, Brendan Weber, Spencer Hille, Graysen Peterson, and Jay Jay Gaver placed 4th with a blue ribbon at state the team placed 111th 

Agronomy :
As a team at state Trevor Doerr, Kaiden Eichberger, Logan Jacobsen, and Tanner Frahm placed 109th.

Scholarship Award goes to the highest GPA in the class that is in FFA, for freshmen Karter Lingenfelter, sophomores, Abbie Kromarek, juniors, Brett Norris, and seniors, Emma King.

In proficiency award-winning area. 
A proficiency is a member’s SAE that they are doing outside of school and keeping records of it. 

Ag Services- Placement: 
Roni Prewitt-District gold 

Beef Production –Placement:
Jozlyn Anderson-District gold state qualifier state bronze
 Brendan weber- distinct bronze

Diversified Ag Production- Placement:
Kaiden Eichberger District silver
Tanner Frahm- district silver

 Diversified Crop Production-Placement:
Logan Jacobsen- District silver

Diversified Livestock Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement:
Reagan Choat- District Gold,

 Forest Management and Products - Entrepreneurship/Placement:
Scott Hintz- District Silver 

Poultry Production:
Jay Jay Gaver- Distinct Silver
Marlena Curtiss- district bronze

Sheep Production-Entrepreneurship/Placement:
Corbean Kment- District champion Gold, state qualifier, state silver

Turfgrass management:
Abbie Kromarek- District gold 2nd place state qualifier state bronze 
Brett Norris-District Gold 3rd place  state qualifier 
Graysen Petersen- District bronze

The leadership award goes to the most desirable leader in each class:
For freshman Corben Kment, Sophomores Reagan Choat, juniors Scott Hintz and Seniors Derek Rix 

The 2022-2023 school year FFA Officer team is:
Tanner Frahm Sentinel 
Scott Hintz Reporter 
Brett Noris Treasure 
Reagan Choat Junior Advisor 
Sean Taylor Alumni Liason 
Abbie Kromarek Vice President 
Marlena Curtis President 
Roni Prewitt Secretary 
Brooke Rafert Historian 
Jay Jay Gaver Parliamentarian 

FFA Greenhand Awards Bali Prewitt; Star Greenhand, Corben Kment and Karter

Eighth graders received their Discovery degrees: Dani Doerr, Star Discovery;
Makenzie Doerr, Star Discovery; and Natalie Gatz and Dinah Scott.

Plainview FFA sophomores receive their chapter degrees, back row (l to r): Brooke Rafert, Grayson Peterson and Brendon Weber; and front row: Abbie Kromarek, Star Ag Business; Star Placement, Kaiden Eichberger, and Star Farmer Reagan Choat.