The Plainview District Champion Pirate track team (l to r); Rece Frahm, Brodi Bruha, Karter Lingenfelter, Spencer Hille, Connor Nelson, Will Gunning, Brett Norris, Jordan  Mosel, Kyler Mosel, Kayson Maertins, Sean Taylor, Scout Ashburn, Caden Ickler, Braden Waldow, Jacson King, Anthony Ziegenbein, Tanner Frahm, Andrew Hallock,  Corbin Kment, John Leija and Zach Cahill.

The Plainview Pirate and Lady Pirate track teams hit a high point at the end of their regular season of competition – hosting and taking first and second place at the Class D-4 District tournament in Plainview last week.

Helping those District Champions and District Runner-Up finishes were a number of State qualifiers for the Pirate teams as well – with 11 individuals, three relay teams and a number of multiple event qualifiers going.
Those Pirates and Lady Pirates that will be headed to the Burke Stadium in Omaha this weekend.
Pirate qualifiers
4x400m relay: Spencer Hille, Will Gunning, Scout Ashburn, Tanner Frahm
Spencer Hille: 300m hurdles; Long jump; High jump
Will Gunning: 300m hurdles; 110m hurdles
Brett Norris: 3200m
Jordan Mosel: 3200m
4x400m relay: Kyler Mosel, Jordan Mosel, Brett Norris, Tanner Frahm

The Pirate boys’ team won the District Championship with 123 team points, outdistancing number two Creighton by nearly 40 points at 85.5 team points. Third was Niobrara-Verdigre, fourth was Boyd County, fifth was Stuart and other teams included Elgin Public/Pope John, Chambers/Wheeler Central, Creighton, Cody-Kilgore, Santee and Neligh-Oakdale.
The Lady Pirates were District Runners-Up with 98 team points, trailing only O’Neill St. Mary’s first-place with 114 team points. N-V Cougars were third with 96 team points, Boyd County was fourth, Stuart was fifth and remaining teams were: Elgin P/PJ; CWC; Creighton; Cody-Kilgore; Santee and Neligh-Oakdale.

Lady Pirate qualifiers
4x00m relay: Marque Albin, Madelynn Dougherty, Abbie Kromarek, Teya Boyer
Abbie Kromarek: 100m hurdles; 300m hurdles; triple jump
Teya Boyer: 300m hurdles
Madelynn Dougherty: 400m 

The Class D State Tournament in Omaha will begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 20, and continue through Saturday, May 21 at Burke Stadium.
Total schedules and results can be found at

Individual Lady Pirate results included:
Shot Put: 5, Jozlyn Anderson, 31’4”; 6, Peace Akinnigbagbe, 31’2”; 25, Roni Prewitt, 22’
Discus: 7, Peace Akinnigbagbe, 99’7”; 15, Roni Prewitt, 81’10”; 16, Jozlyn Anderson, 77’5”
High Jump: 3, Claire Rasmussen, 4’9”; 4, Lauren Jelinek, 4’5”
Pole Vault: 4, Keanu Johnson, 8’; 7, Brooke Rafert, 7’6”; 8, Jozlyn Anderson, 7’
Long Jump: 4, Teya Boywer, 14’6.75”; 7, Marque Albin, 13’11”; 17, Hannah Darnall, 11’2.25”
Triple Jump: 1, Abbie Kromarek, 34’3.25”; 4, Madelynn Dougherty, 31’8”; 11, Jordynn Frahm, 28’4”
100m hurdles: 2, Abbie Kromarek, 17.15 secs; 4, Marque Albin, 18.57
100m dash: 5, Teya Boyer, 13.81 secs
400m dash: 2, Madelynn Dougherty, 1:04.88; 7, Hannah Darnall, 1:11.21; 11, Keanu Johnson, 1:19.73
3200m run: 3, Brittani Gutz, 14:44.24
200m dash: 4, Madelynn Dougherty, 28.63 secs
800m run: 6, Lauren Jelinek, 2:56.69; 11, Roni Prewitt, 3:22.66
300m hurdles: 1, Teya Boyer, 49.52 secs; 2, Abbie Kromarek, 50.10
1600m run: 6, Brittani Gutz, 6:44.64
4x100m relay: 1, Plainview “A” (Marque Albin, Abbie Kromarek, Madelynn Dougherty, Teya Boyer), 53.29 secs
4x400m relay: 5, Plainview “A” (Peace Akinnigbagbe, Keanu Johnson, Lauren Jelinek, Brooke Rafert), 5:00.07

Individual Pirate results included:
Shot Put: 9, Connor Nelson, 35’6”; 12, Kayson Maertins, 34’6”; 14, Jacson King, 34’1.5”
Discus: 4, Kayson Maertins, 122’09”; 17, Anthony Ziegenbein, 91’6”; 20, Andrew Hallock, 85’6”
High Jump: 2, Spencer Hille, 6’; 4, Braden Waldow, 5’8”
Pole Vault: 4, Rece Frahm, 9’2”; 5, Caden Ickler, 8’8”
Long Jump: 1, Spencer Hille, 20’4”; 5, Braden Waldow, 18’7.5”; 15, Brodi Bruha, 15’2.25”
Triple Jump: 4, Braden Waldow, 37’6.75”; 8, Caden Ickler, 32’7”
4x800m relay: 1, Plainview “A” (Jordan Mosel, Brett Norris, Tanner Frahm, Kyler Mosel), 9:05.19
110m hurdles: 2, Will Gunning, 17.59 secs; 4, Caden Ickler, 20.06
400m dash: 12, Brodi Bruha, 1:01.35; 13, Rece Frahm, 1:01.8; 16, Karter Lingenfelter, 1:03.86
3200m run: 1, Jordan Mosel, 11:48.37; 2, Brett Norris, 12:00.23; 3, Kyler Mosel, 12:18.04
200m dash: 5, Scout Ashburn, 24.44 secs
800m run: 5, Tanner Frahm, 2:17.96; 8, Kyler Mosel, 2:26.96; 16, Corben Kment, 2:53.41
300m hurdles: 1, Spencer Hille, 42.06 secs; 2, Will Gunning, 44.46
1600m run: 4, Kyler Mosel, 5:18.56; 5, Jordan Mosel, 5:19.98; 6, Brett Norris, 5:23.69
4x100m relay: 5, Plainview “A” (Brodi Bruha, Rece Frahm, Karter Lingenfelter, Jacson King), 50.24 secs
4x400m relay: 1, Plainview “A” (Scout Ashburn, Will Gunning, Tanner Frahm, Spencer Hille), 3:34.09

The Lady Pirate track team runners-up were (l to r): Roni Prewitt, Brooke Rafert, Madelynn Dougherty, Lauren Jelinek, Keanu Johnson, Abbie Kromarek, Hannah Darnall, Brittani Gutz, Peace Akinnigbagbe, Marque Albin, Claire Rasmussen, Tesla Ickler, Teya Boyer and Jordynn Frahm.