Spencer Hille on his High Jump attempts and Abbie Kromarek at her 100m hurdle race.

The Plainview Pirate and Lady Pirate track teams sent a large contingent of youth to the 2022 Class D State Track invitational at Burke High School in Omaha on May 20-21, with a number of Pirates returning home with hardware from their individual events.

Taking the top medal for the Pirates was Spencer Hille, who qualified in four events, with a second-place finish in the High Jump. 

Winning two medals for the Lady Pirates was Abbie Kromarek who took a sixth-place in her Triple Jump event, and a seventh-place overall in the 300m Hurdles.

A few from the Pirate squad were knocked in the preliminary rounds against some stiff competition that opened the field and narrowed the striking distance for a medal.

Individual results for the Pirates and Lady Pirates were:

100m hurdles: 12, Abbie Kromarek, 16.92 secs (prelims only, first was 15.17 secs)

110m hurdles: 23, Will Gunning, 18.28 secs (prelims only, first was 14.63 secs)

300m hurdles: 10, Spencer Hille, 42.45 secs; 24, Will Gunning, 47.49 secs (prelims only, first was 40.56)

300m hurdles: 7, Abbie Kromarek, 51.25 (medalist, first was 47.20); 14, Teya Boyer, 49.81 secs (prelims only)

400m dash: 21, Madelynn Dougherty, 1:05.87 (prelims only, first was 59.22)

3200m run: 14, Jordan Mosel, 11:07.58; 22, Brett Norris, 11:39.95 (first was 10:06.87)

High Jump: 2, Spencer Hille, 6’4” (medalist, first was 6’4”, decided by successful jumps)

Long Jump: 20, Spencer Hille, 18’4” (first was 21’6.5”)

Triple Jump: 6, Abbie Kromarek, 34’5” (medalist, first was 36’7”)

4x100m relay: 15, Plainview (Marque Albin, Abbie Kromarek, Madelynn Dougherty, Teya Boyer), 54.62 secs (first was 51.24)

4x400m relay: 15, Plainview (Scout Ashburn, Will Gunning, Tanner Frahm, Spencer Hille), 3:48.63 (first was 3:34.27)

4x800m relay: 12, Plainview, 8:49.56 (Jordan Mosel, Brett Norris, Tanner Frahm, Kyler Mosel), 8:30.27

Jordan Mosel in his 3200m race.

Tanner Frahm in the 4x800m relay.

Will Gunning during his hurdles event.

Madelynn Dougherty on her 400m run.

Jordan Mosel, Brett Norris and Tanner Frahm waiting for Kyler Mosel to return.

Spencer Hille at the High Jump pit.

Spencer Hille in the 300m hurdles.

Kyler Mosel in the 4x800m relay.

Abbie Kromarek at the triple jump pits.

Marque Albin in the 4x100m relay.

Teya Boyer in her 300m hurdle event.

Brett Norris in the 4x800m relay.