Eileen Bramer with Stormie Rewinkel and Holden Shires.

Children and parents alike attended the AWANA awards ceremony on April 27. 

The final night of AWANA found kids in their uniforms waiting to be awarded for their hard work throughout the school year. The event started at 6:30 p.m. and took place at the Plainview High School, with the award presentation occurring in the library. Cookies were shared after everyone had received their awards. 

First, the volunteers who regularly came to help children with their activities were acknowledged and awarded for their time and work. 

These volunteers include: Brittani Gutz, Braedon and Corben Kment, Reagan and Josie Choat, Kadyn, Kaliantha, Karik and Korbyn Shires.

Next, the Sparks received their awards. These consisted of jewels that they received for completing sections in their books, as well as book ribbons for those that had completed an entire book.

Students having received jewels include the following:

Brailey Thornburg,

Camryn Brookhouser,

Mary Meuret,

Scottie Mosel,

Charlotte May,

Holden Shires,

Stormie Rewinkel,

Bethany Krause,

Grace Krause, and

Emalee Mosel.

Bethany Krause, Grace Krause, Emalee Mosel, and Camryn Brookhouser from Sparks each completed the “Hang Glider” book and received a book ribbon.

The Truth and Training students were next. These students ranged from third to sixth graders.

All of the third through fifth graders studied the “Grace in Action” book, receiving a badge for every four sections that they completed. 

Students having received their first badge include Owen May, Kendrick Fernau, and Genesis Sinkler.

Students having received their first and second badges include:

Elena Camacho, Lauryn Krause, Halwyn Shires, Katelynn Mosel and Kassidy Fernau.

Hero Shires received four badges total this year, as well as the Alpha Award.

The sixth graders studied verses in the “Evidence of Grace” book. Jameson Dobler and Zaiden Smith each earned a badge. Jaxon Jelinek received two badges, and Beau Krause received four badges, as well as the Challenge Award.

The AWANA club will start again next September, taking place on Wednesdays between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m throughout the school year. Updates concerning AWANA events can be found on the Plainview Community Awana Facebook page.