The Creighton-Plainview Juniors Legion baseball team

The Creighton-Plainview Juniors Legion baseball team dominated most of the 2022 Juniors area tournament in Wakefield this week, right up to the last two games, where Wakefield’s Juniors squeaked by with one run, and then won the second game, giving the C-P team second-place, but still a state berth.

Because the Creighton-Plainview team will be hosting the state tournament this weekend in Creighton, they automatically earn a state berth, but Coach Brian Ickler was clear that the team wanted to win the tournament, just to prove they were the best.

In one of the highest scoring games in recent memory, the C-P team fell by just one run after more than three hours of play, 19-20 in the first game of the Championship bracket.

C-P had a perfect tournament through the Championship bracket, winning over Atkinson, Ponca and Crofton to get to the Tuesday night final. With the first loss narrowly going to Wakefield, the C-P team was allowed a second double-elimination loss, but an unanswered early lead by Wakefield in the first few innings dropped the game 11-0 to the Wakefield squad who took the title honors.

The C-P team will still play in the State finals in Creighton this
weekend, July 16-20. Brackets will likely be posted at press time -
but can be found at or on the News Facebook
page as soon as they are known.