The 2022 Homecoming Royalty (l to r): 2021 Queen Emma King; Maggie Wortman, Claire Rasmussen, Keanu Johnson, Allison Hardisty; 2022 Queen Lauren Jelinek; 2022 King Tanner Frahm; Kayson Maertins, Kyler Mosel, Jordan Mosel, Leighton Medina and 2021 King, Scout Ashburn.

The 2022 Homecoming Coronation was held at Plainview Public Schools last Friday, Sept. 2, following a parade that trailed a bit more than a mile through neighborhoods and downtown Plainview.

The 2022 Homecoming Queen was Lauren Jelinek, daughter of Whitey and Cassy Wright, and the 2022 Homecoming King was Tanner Frahm, son of Wyatt and Alyssa Frahm.
Other members of the Homecoming Court were:
Queen Candidates: 

Allison Hardisty, daughter of Anthony and Angela Hardisty
Keanu Johnson, daughter of Jim and Juleen Johnson
Claire Rasmussen, daughter of Tim and Patsy Rasmussen
Maggie Wortman, daughter of Scott and Stephanie Wortman
King Candidates: 
Kayson Maertins, son of Curtis and Elizabeth Maertins
Leighton Medina, son of Brandi Alexander and the late Armond Medina
Jordan Mosel, son of Lonna and David Mosel
Kyler Mosel, son of Lonna and David Mosel

The new royalty was presented their crowns and capes by the Class of 2021 Homecoming King and Queen: Emma King, daughter of Toby and Jacquie King; and Scout Ashburn, son of Jason and Tara Ashburn.

Train Bearers this year were Quinn Jacot, daughter of Josh and Melissa Jacot; and Henry Miller, son of Cory and Kim Miller.

Crown Bearers this year were: Avilene Peter, daughter of Jeremy and Marie Peter; and Marvin Richter, son of Brian and Kristina Richter.

The emcees for the 2022 event were Karter Lingenfelter and Abby Kromarek, who introduced the candidates, announced the Homecoming week activity winners and the King and Queen winners.

This year’s overall Homecoming “Spirit week” winners were Claire Rasmussen, and Tanner Frahm.

Maggie & Jordan

Keanu & Leighton

Claire & Jordan

Lauren & Kayson

Allison & Tanner