the expansion building came in on the back of a truck, fully constructed, and with a specialty forklift/skidloader, was slid into place and set on skids - ready to be wired, insulated and to house the overflow dolls from the Museum.

When the Klown Doll Museum counted the Klown items, we had to apply for the Guiness Book of World Records, we knew we had over 7,800.

Now, we have more than 8,000, and boxes are piled high with more Klowns.
An addition was needed! Research was started for the most economical addition that would compliment the present building. Many plans for new displays, including the Klown Band Tribute, are ready. 

Volunteers have kept the Klown Doll Museum open to many visitors from all areas of the United States. We look forward to having the extra room to engage in other activities for our visitors. 

Funding is always needed, so we will be having fundraiser events in the future. 
The Museum volunteers and “regular staff” appreciate all the support they have received – in the past, present and future!