Junior high wins over Wynot, Neligh

The Plainview Junior High Pirate boys’ football team won 30-8 over visiting Wynot last Monday, Sept. 26, in a regular season game.

The Pirates will have their final game on Monday, Oct. 3 in Wausa against the Vikings.

Scoring against Wynot for the Pirates were:
Kohen Lingenfelter on a three-yard run; two point conversion no good
Lingenfelter on a two-yard run; two point conversion run good by Braedon Kment
Lingenfelter on an 11-yard pass to Bastion Curtiss; two point conversion run in by Lingenfelter
Lingenfelter on a six-yard run; two point conversion on a pass from Lingenfelter to Curtiss
In a few additional series with a second team, the Pirates won the shortened contest, 12-0.
Scoring in that series were:
Colt Hoffman with a 10-yard pass to Adryck Stewart; no conversion
Zach Frahm on an eight-yard run; no conversion

Vs. Neligh
The Plainview Junior High boys’ football team took a win over Neligh-Oakdale on their home field, 44-0, on Monday, Sept. 19.

Scoring was provided by:
Braedon Kment on a 44-yard run; two point conversion pass from Kohen Lingenfelter to Bastion Curtiss
Beau Johnson on a 42-yard run; two point no good
Colt Kromarek on a 21-yard run; two point from Lingenfelter to Hunter Meyer
Braedon Kment on a 26-yard run; two point no good
Kohen Lingenfelter on a 57-yard pass to Bastion Curtiss; two point conversion by Braedon Kment
Guy Wortman on a one-yard run; two point conversion by Adryck Stewart