The Plainview Pirate bowling team hosted the Boone Central Cardinals at 13/20 Lanes on Jan. 10. 

Jumping right into it, Lady Pirates knew this was their best chance to winning since the Lady Cardinals only have four on their team and the Lady Pirates have just three. 

The Lady Pirates did the best they could in the first game by taking all three of their points possible. The Lady Cardinals won the first regular game 412-317 winning the points 5-3. 
Leading the Lady Pirates in scoring was Callie Pulis with a 123 and winning her point as well. Marlena Curtiss and Averi Waldow also won their point. 

The second regular game went the same as the first with the Lady Pirates only taking three points losing 3-5 and a final score of 374-387. Again, each of the Lady Pirates won their point. This time leading the Lady Pirates was Averi Waldow with a 133 and Callie Pulis with a 125. 

So, after two regular games the Lady Pirates’ baker’s games could matter, because they have not lost yet. The score was 10-6 in favor of Lady Cardinals and, as mentioned in earlier articles, to mercy rule a team you need to have 11 to make the rule come into effect. 

This is new territory for the Lady Pirates. 

The Lady Pirates dug deep knowing this is their chance to taste victory. The first baker’s game did not go to the Lady Pirates losing 70-62, which was a crushing blow because of the four frames the Lady Pirates had to take zero while their opponent only had to take two. 

Both Coaches Leonard Risinger and Gary Doerr gave the ladies word of encouragement know they could still take the last two and winning the dual, however it was not meant to be. The Lady Cardinals won the second baker’s 71-57, and the Lady Cardinal won the dual 15-6. Coach Risinger spoke to the Lady Pirates telling them “They won in his book.” Not only did they force the dual to go to bakers, but they had giving it their all, and they should not be ashamed on how it turned out. Bowling one person short is a hard task for any team to overcome or any sport for that matter. Lady Pirates are now 0-13 on the season.

The Pirates’ boys team would look for revenge against the Cardinals after losing them at Newman Grove. The Pirates looked like they would mercy rule the Cardinals on their own lanes. 
However, the Pirates could not finish it in the regular games, nor the baker’s games either after taking a lead in that as well. This time again, the Pirates would start with a final score of 689-436 taking all 8 of the points in game one. But this is where the story changed. The Pirates were determined to mercy rule the Cardinals and they did by taking all 8 points again winning 692-534. 

The winner of the duel was the Pirates, but still needed to award the 5 points from baker’s. The Cardinals won the baker’s game 102-98. Coach Risinger teased the Pirates saying that their choice for the lineup was the reason they lost those points or the Pirates would have done a complete sweep of the dual. The Pirates winning 16-5. 

Pirates took all points for individuals: winning two points were Ashton Donner, Aiden Kemnitz, and Andrew Hallock. Pirates winning one were Jaren Hergert, Sean Taylor, Anthony Ziegenbein, and JJ Gaver. High scores in the first game were Aiden Kemnitz with a 170, Ashton Donner with a 167 and Sean Taylor with a 131. Leading the Pirates with high scores in the second game was Ashton Donner with a 168, Andrew Hallock with a 137, and JJ Gaver with a 136. 

Pirates got their first win of season and now are 1-13 on the season.

Howells-Dodge at King’s Lanes
Pirates traveled to King’s Lanes in Norfolk to take part in the Howell/Dodge tournament on Jan. 14. 

Starting off with the Lady Pirates, their first opponent in the tournament was TC Thunder. 
This time, the Lady Pirates had enough to compete, unlike when they traveled to Pender to face off with the Lady Thunder. Some of the Lady Pirates were ready, and others not so much, during the first game. 

Ready that morning was Marlena Curtiss throwing one of her best games with a 158. The Lady Pirates lost the first game 342-588 losing the points 2-6. Winning points for the Lady Pirates were Marlena Curtiss and Averi Waldow.
The second game the Lady Pirates would face off with Howells/Dodge Jaguars. 
During tournaments, the Pirates will switch opponents after each regular game and lanes as well. 

This was the first time going against the Lady Jaguars for the Lady Pirates. This time leading the team was Callie Pulis with a 167 and Marlena Curtiss with a 135. But the Lady Jaguars took care of business winning 562-378 and taking 6 out of 8 points available. 

Winning the points for the Lady Pirates was Callie Pulis and Marlena Curtiss.
The final game for the Lady Pirates was against Humphrey Lindsay Holy Family Lady Bulldogs who the Pirates will meet up again with next week. 

The Lady Pirates were getting tired at this point, indicated by their scores beginning to go down.

The Lady Bulldogs won easily 716-249 and taking all 8 points. The Lady Bulldogs were last year’s girls’ state runner-up losing only to the Lady Blue Devils of Wayne at the state championship match, so this was going to be a difficult task for the Lady Pirates to win a point let alone the match. 

The best score for the Lady Pirates was Callie Pulis with a 109.

After the three regular games were done, the total pin count for each team would place teams in the bracket with all teams taking part in the bracket. The top two would get a bye while the four lower team would battle to see who would take on the top two. 

The Lady Pirates would take the sixth place and would have to face off against the Lady Jaguars of Howells/Dodge in the bracket, which finished third place. To advance in the bracket, the Lady Pirates would need take three out of five for the baker’s games. This is again another hard task for the Lady Pirates due to the fact they don’t have a full team so they have to take zero in those frames. The Lady Jaguars won the first three games 127-59, 106-59, and 138-58 respectfully. 

Lady Pirates were knocked out of the tournament and take four more losses on the season putting them 0-17.

Pirate Boys’ team
The Pirates would start off with TC Thunder just like the ladies. 

The Pirates started off slow with only a 652 for a total score, which was not enough to beat the thunder’s score of 697. The thunder won the match 6-2. Winning the points for the Pirates, was Anthony Ziegenbein and JJ Gaver. Leading the Pirates with high scores was Anthony Ziegenbein with a 149 and Sean Taylor with a 137.

Next game, the Pirates improved their score by almost 100, but again it was not enough. This time it was the Howells/Dodge Jaguars that would beat out the Pirates 821-741 and taking 6 out of 8 points available. Again, winning a point and leading the Pirates was Anthony Ziegenbein with a 197. This time the other point was won by Andrew Hallock. Another high score was shot by Ashton Donner with a 162. 

The Pirates moved onto the third game and again the Pirates improvd their score over 100, but the Humphrey Lindsay Holy Family Bulldogs would not let the Pirates get the victory finishing very strong and outscoring the Pirates 862-855. 

This time the Pirates would take three points. Anthony Ziegenbein, Andrew Hallock, and Sean Taylor were the three that took the points. Leading the Pirates was Sean Taylor with a 214 and Andrew Hallock with a 192.

The scores are added up for each team to place them in the bracket. The Pirates again took sixth place and faced off with the Bulldogs who placed third, right after the Pirates had seen them in the last game. 

The first game it a warm up for both teams compare to the score later in the match to see who will get to move on. 

The Bulldogs just barely took the first game 137-127, taking lead 1-0 in the bakers. The second game also went to the Bulldogs throwing a 204 to the Pirates 159. Bulldogs take a 2-0 in bakers.

The last game the Pirates tried their best, but again it was not meant to be, losing by 10 again 183-173. The Bulldogs moved on and the Pirates were knocked out of the tournament. 

The Pirates took four more losses on the season and are now 1-17.

Too see photos from the competition, follow the link below to SmugMug where you can view pictures for free: