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Pure Revival storefront and owners
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To Subscribe - A Universal Concept subscribe (v.) This verb was first recorded mid-15 century and essentially meant "to sign" or "register one's name" originally; and by 1711, it gained another specific meaning: to "become a regular buyer of a publication." Get your own subscription today, and add an e-edition to your regular subscription for just $5 more. It's always a good time to catch up on your local news!
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A word of the week is coming out today! Inculcate Used in a Plainview News sentence: "After being inculcated with an excitement regarding the local news, more and more citizens subscribed to the Plainview News YouTube channel."
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These are called Rebus puzzles & require the player to see the literal meaning in some sort of image. Can you tell what visual pun this photo makes? Don't forget YOUR subscription to The Plainview News where you can find news, puzzles, and more!
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Did you know The Plainview News has a YouTube channel? That's where you can catch up on our local city and school board meetings if you can't make it!
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In case you haven't heard the buzz around town, a Kansas City developer has filed suit against the city. The desired goal? To build a Dollar General in our lovely little community. Check out the full story in this week's edition of The Plainview News!
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Where can you watch videos of the local council meetings? The Plainview News has a YouTube page! Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe!
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The Plainview News put out its newest edition yesterday, and it's so full of goodies that just one couldn't be picked for this post. Plainview residents and natives have been on a roll, achieving left and right. Stop in and pick up your copy or check out!
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Klarissa Norris in Husker Band
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Valuations break $50 million for City of Plainview - tax levy hearings up next According to numbers released this week from the Pierce County Assessor’s Office, it appears that most taxing entities in Pierce County will be working from a bit higher figures this year – as increases were noted across the board from 1.5% to up to near 9% in property valuations. Check out the rest of this story on the front page of this week's Plainview News! Prefer online reading? Our E-edition may be for you!
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Board of Education opposes Health standard The Plainview Public Schools Board of Education gathered for a special meeting on Monday evening, August 16 and took action to finish discussion on a topic that was brought up the week prior at the regular meeting – sending a letter to oppose the Nebraska Board of Education’s suggested changes to the health standards for Nebraska public school youth. Read more about this story in this week's Plainview News! E-editions are available for those who don't want a physical print. Check it out -
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Pirates welcome new “crewmates” aboard With the new school year starting this week, don't miss your introduction to the several new additions to the Plainview Pirate crew in last week's edition of the paper! You may see a familiar face or two...
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